Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

1. Denver Broncos (91 points)

Even with all the questions in Denver you cannot count out arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks we will ever see play. - Matt Geiger

2. San Francisco 49ers (90, 1 first-place vote)

Colin Kaepernick looked great last season, but now he will have to prove he can do it during a full schedule. - Justin Worsley

3. New England Patriots (88, 1)

Yes, the Patriots currently have slim pickings for their receiving options but Tom Brady has proved time and time again (Specifically all three Super Bowls) that he can win games even without well-known receiving options. - Mat McWhorter

4. Atlanta Falcons (87)

This offense with new RB Steven Jackson will be firing on all cylinders Sunday in New Orleans. - MG

5. Seattle Seahawks (87)

The injury to Percy Harvin doesn't help them, but aside from that Seattle is not only stacked, but they are one of the league's deepest teams. - JW

6. Baltimore Ravens (83, 1)

I understand QB Joe Flacco got hot in the playoffs last year, but the guy is a career game manager who has his fair share of hiccups in the regular season. - MM

7. Houston Texans (78)

The window is closing for this core of players.  QB Matt Schaub must be consistent, RB Arian Foster must stay healthy and WR Andre Johnson must get the ball in the end zone.  - MG

8. Green Bay Packers (77)

The Packers have not had a 1,000 yard rusher since Ryan Grant in 2009.  Hopefully, rookie Eddie Lacy ends that streak. - JW

9. Cincinnati Bengals (75)

I'm a firm believer in the Bengals home-grown talent. - MM

10. Chicago Bears (73)

Chicago isn't going to miss LB Brian Urlacher as much as you think. - MG

11. New York Giants (64)

The Giants have not had a losing season since 2004.  Only New England and Pittsburgh have longer streaks in the NFL. - JW

12. New Orleans Saints (62)

If the defense is fixed, the Saints will skyrocket up the power rankings. - MM

13. Washington Redskins (59)

QB Robert Griffin III is starting Week 1.  Can he keep himself standing all season? - MG

14. Indianapolis Colts (58)

QB Andrew Luck turned some heads last season, but can their defense take the next step? - JW

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (49)

The Steelers are very underrated this year and still have as much talent as they have had in the past. - MM

16. Dallas Cowboys (47)

Offensive line concerns are the main concern in Jerry Land and might lead to a hurt $100 million quarterback, - MG

17. Miami Dolphins (46)

Losing TE Dustin Keller isn't a good sign, but QB Ryan Tannehill is still poised for a breakout year. - JW

18. Minnesota Vikings (43)

QB Christian Ponder doesn't figure to be anymore than a career game manager and there are questions about his ability to even do that. - MM

19. St. Louis Rams (40)

Progression from Sam Bradford and huge strides from young players are the key to success in the NFC West. - MG

20. Carolina Panthers (40)

QB Cam Newton is the talk of the town, but LB Luke Kuechly could named defensive player of the year this season. - JW

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (36)

The success of the Buccaneers season hinges on whether QB Josh Freeman finally becomes the player he was drafted to be. MM

22. Kansas City Chiefs (33)

I still haven't seen enough from the Chiefs to want to get on the bandwagon.  Still a year or two away from being competitive. MG

23. Arizona Cardinals (31)

Carson Palmer is competent enough to get the ball to WR Larry Fitzgerald, but he isn't the long-term answer at quarterback. - JW

24. San Diego Chargers (31)

The Chargers scare no one. - MM

25. Detroit Lions (27)

Can QB Matt Stafford live up to his contract or will he fizzle out? - MG

26. Tennessee Titans (24)

It's put up or shut up time for RB Chris Johnson now that the Titans have revamped their offensive line. - JW

27. Cleveland Browns (22)

The Browns are by no means dynamic but they are becoming a solid and gritty team. - MM

28. Philadelphia Eagles (20)

Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense wont be enough to save the season and he needs to get faster on defense in order to compete in the NFC East.

29. Buffalo Bills (13)

EJ Manuel will be the Bills 10th starting quarterback since 1999, their last postseason appearance and winning season. - JW

30. New York Jets (9)

All this team has to fall back on is a defense that was shaky at best last year, but is still loaded with a fair amount of talent. - MM

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (7)

On a positive note, the defense doesn't look too terrible. - MG

32. Oakland Raiders (3)

Oakland has the potential to become one of the worst teams in NFL history. - JW

Game of the week: No. 6 Baltimore at No. 1 Denver

Dud of the week: No. 22 Kansas City at No. 31 Jacksonville

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