Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 4 Preview

New York Giants (1-2) at Washington Redskins (1-2)
Vegas Line: Redskins -3.5

The Giants looked like the finally got it all together in a win over Houston while Washington faltered in the fourth quarter against Philadelphia. New York has taken three of their last four games against the Redskins, but Washington is home and Kirk Cousins is a better quarterback than Ryan Fitzpatrick is for the Texans, expect the Redskins to take this game.

Final: Washington 23 New York 20

Miami Dolphins (1-2) at Oakland Raiders (0-3)
Vegas Line: Miami -3.5

The Dolphins have looked terrible since their Week 1 win over New England while the Raiders defense rose to the occasion in a loss to the Patriots last week. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill's seat is getting a little warm, but it may be hot after the weekend is over.

Final: Oakland 24 Miami 16

Green Bay Packers (1-2) at Chicago Bears (2-1)
Vegas Line: Green Bay -1.5

The Packers offense has not fared well against three of the league's better defenses. Chicago, on the other hand, gave the Jets pretty much every opportunity to win the game last week. The Bears secondary is decimated and their run defense is already poor, sounds like a recipe for a shootout.

Final: Green Bay 38 Chicago 31

Buffalo Bills (2-1) at Houston Texans (2-1)
Vegas Line: Houston -3

It will be interesting to hear the crowd's reaction to the return of Mario Williams. Both teams are 2-1 due to a strong defense and running games despite poor play at quarterback. Houston is home in this game, so I have to give the edge to them.

Final: Houston 17 Buffalo 10

Tennessee Titans (1-2) at Indianapolis Colts (1-2)
Vegas Line: Indianapolis -7.5

Tennessee has struggled after a dominant win over Kansas City in Week 1 and to make matters worse, there is now a chance that Jake Locker will not play (who took the over on 12 quarters before Locker was injured?) The Colts should be able to climb back to .500.

Final: Indianapolis 34 Tennessee 17

Carolina Panthers (2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
Vegas Line: Baltimore -3.5

You just know that Steve Smith has had this game marked on his calendar pretty much since he inked his contract with Baltimore. Carolina is hobbling on offense, which could spell disaster for the Panthers.

Final: Baltimore 23 Carolina 10

Detroit Lions (2-1) at New York Jets (1-2)
Vegas Line: Detroit -1.5

The Jets were given several opportunities to take the lead against the Bears despite starting the game down 14-0, but could not capitalize. Meanwhile, Detroit made a statement in a win over Green Bay. Detroit has the momentum, but the Jets defense has kept teams in check all season.

Final: New York 20 Detroit 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)
Vegas Line: Pittsburgh -7.5

One of the first images I found for this game and laughed really hard at the randomness.

Tampa Bay is turning the offense over the Mike Glennon now. Doug Martin and Gerald McCoy are looking healthy again, which is good because Bobby Rainey has fumbilitis. I still don't like their chances against a Steelers team that looked revitalized in a win over Carolina last week, though.

Final: Pittsburgh 28 Tampa Bay 14

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) at San Diego Chargers (2-1)
Vegas Line: San Diego -13

It's officially the Blake Bortles show in Jacksonville. The Jaguars are massive underdogs to the Chargers and for good reason, San Diego is a better team than they appear on paper. Expect the Chargers to walk away with a win.

Final: San Diego 31 Jacksonville 13

Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) at San Francisco 49ers (1-2) Game of the Week
Vegas Line: San Francisco -4.5

Philadelphia's offense has been flying high this season while the 49ers have had trouble maintaining leads. The 49ers have not started off 1-3 or worse since 2010, but that isn't going to stop me from making the Eagles by upset pick of the week.

Final: Philadelphia 24 San Francisco 17

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) at Minnesota Vikings (1-2)
Vegas Line: Atlanta -3

Matt Ryan is on the road again, where he generally struggles, but he is playing inside a dome, so expect the same high production from him. For Minnesota, Teddy Bridgewater is set to make his first NFL start, but without Adrian Peterson, expect the Vikings offense to continue to stumble.

Final: Atlanta 33 Minnesota 10

New Orleans Saints (1-2) at Dallas Cowboys (2-1)
Vegas Line: New Orleans -3

It's no secret that Drew Brees has owned the Cowboys since signing with the Saints. To make things worse, Dallas now has an unsettled secondary situation with Morris Claiborne. Not a good week for issues in the secondary.

Final: New Orleans 27 Dallas 24

New England Patriots (2-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-2)
Vegas Line: New England -3.5

Kansas City has looked better each week and they will have Jamaal Charles back for a showdown with the Patriots, don't be surprised to see an upset here.

Final: Kansas City 26 New England 21

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